【無聲的入侵】中國銳實力傷害民主國家 該緊張的不僅是澳洲



(China and Australian democracy had collided again. Something big is going on, I thought. I decide to investigate and write a book so that Australians could understand what has been happening to our country.)


(Can we imagine a United States government using our laws to frighten publisher into dropping a book criticizing it?)


​from Preface, 《Silent Invasion: China's Influence in Australia》

「銳實力」(sharp power)一詞由美國國家民主基金會(National Endowment for Democracy)在2017年11月所創,原出處為美國《外交》(Foreign Affairs)雜誌中一篇名為《銳實力的意義》(The Meaning of Sharp Power)的文章。

銳實力與硬實力(hard power)或軟實力(soft power)都不同。


中國自然是銳實力的代表國家之一,《無聲的入侵:中國因素在澳洲》(Silent Invasion: China's Influence in Australia)一書詳述中國共產黨的影響力如何滲入澳洲政治、社會、媒體與學術界等多個領域。

2018年,就在這本書英文版決定付梓前的最後一刻,因擔憂遭中國政府報復,澳洲重要出版社艾倫昂溫(Allen & Unwin)驟然決定取消出版,諷刺地,作者克萊夫.漢密爾頓(Clive Hamilton)自己也成為了中國銳實力的「受害者」。




1. What do you think about China’s sharp power and the influence? If there’s any other way for western countries and Taiwan to fight against it?


China's use of sharp power is pervasive, systematic and insidious. It is attempting to subvert the political processes of other nations by inducements and coercion Overseas Chinese are a particular target for threats and bullying.

I was disturbed to hear that Jason Wu thinks the situation in Australia is worse than in Taiwan. His friend's family had migrated to Australia years ago but decided move back to Taiwan because in Australia they were bullied by pro-Beijing people.

Many people of Chinese heritage came to Australia to escape the Chinese Communist Party. But they have found that it has followed them here.

Australia is beginning to push back against Beijing's influence, especailly with the new foreign interference law that criminalizes some kinds of influence activities, those activities that are covert, coercive or corrupt. It aims to blunt China's sharp power. We do not yet know how effective it will be.



2. What do you think about that China is exploiting democracy and the rule of law to tear Australia apart for their interests?


Beijing exploits the openness and rights of democratic societies. It uses the right to free speech to advance its anti-free speech agenda by, for example, taking control of Chinese-language media in Australia and pressuring publishers not to publish books critical of it. It also supports its agents of influence to be elected to parliaments in Australia, where they act in ways to strengthen the CCP's dictatorship.

The CCP leadership have no morals guiding their actions. For them, the only thing that matters is extending their power and wealth.


3. Based on the increasing penetration of Chinese business, what is going to be the next step for China to exert its influence?


We now know that the CCP uses Chinese businesses, both state-owned and private, to advance its political interests. Many businesses simply want to get on with business, but they dare not cross the Party. Unfortunately, that means in countries like Australia Chinese investment cannot be treated in the same way as, say, Japanese of Canadian investment. Greater vigilance is necessary.



4. What is your perspective for US-China trade war? Is there any chance that the US will closely work with other countries to challenge China?


The U.S. wants to build alliances to challenge China's growing power in the Indo-Pacific region, but President Trump's erratic and ill-informed actions have been undermining the trust of America's allies. The United States must make up its mind. If it wants to prevent China becoming the dominant world power then it must stop pushing its friends away.



5. Are you holding a positive or negative attitude towards the global scenario when considering China’s ambition? Why?


Some days I am optimistic and some days I am pessimistic. Ultimately, much depends on whether the hard-line, paranoid and autocratic elements that now dominate the Chinese Communist Party can keep their grip on power, or whether more sensible forces can defeat them. The Chinese regime is powerful, but it is also brittle and uncompromising. Historically, it is diffiult for such a regime to survive.





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