Chinese Taipei unveils eco-friendly Olympic uniforms

Chinese Taipei unveils eco-friendly Olympic uniforms (TVBS News)
Chinese Taipei unveils eco-friendly Olympic uniforms (TVBS News)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — With the 2024 Paris Olympics just a month away, the Chinese Taipei team unveiled its new uniforms on Monday, showcasing a partnership between the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and YONEX that emphasizes environmental sustainability, comfort, and style.

Athletes including boxers Huang Hsiao-wen (黃筱雯) and Kan Chia-wei (甘家葳), badminton players Lee Chia-hsin (李佳馨) and Ye Hong-wei (葉宏蔚), Paralympic taekwondo competitor Xiao Xiang-wen (蕭翔文), judo athlete Yang Yung-wei (楊勇緯), and gymnast Ting Hua-tien (丁華恬) modeled the gear.

They expressed their pride and determination as they presented the entrance outfits for the upcoming games.

For the first-time Olympic participants Kan Chia-wei, Lee Chia-hsin, and Ye Hong-wei, walking the runway was reportedly more daunting than competing in their sports. During a previous team uniform photo shoot, Lee and Ye noted the intense pressure but felt the final results justified the effort.

Meanwhile, Huang Hsiao-wen, a newly confirmed Olympian, praised the uniform's comfortable fit and sharp design, describing it as empowering.

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