Don’t let the spirit of the dead be left in the swimming pool! An open letter to the Le Méridien Taipei hotel from the victim family

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Reported by Alexander Chiu and Shengwen Lee for CNEWS, Taipei

A MediaTek senior engineer Wang Ching-chieh died suddenly and unexpectedly at the Le Méridien Taipei hotel last year. His sister Wang Chih-ya, a consultant of the Taipei City Government, and his parents announced an “Open Letter to the Le Méridien Taipei hotel”, hoping that the Le Méridien Taipei hotel will consent to their request of conjuring Wang’s soul at the pool.

The full content and request of the open letter are as follows:
Wang Ching-chieh went for a swim at the Le Méridien Taipei hotel in July last year. During this period, he felt chest tightness and could not breathe in the air properly. After going ashore on his own, he asked the hotel counter for help. Unexpectedly, the hotel staff wouldn’t call for an ambulance. After 44 minutes, he fainted due to myocardial infarction. Wang was claimed to be dead before being sent to the hospital.

1. Apologize publicly
The Le Méridien Taipei hotel made countless mistakes at the moment. Not only did they delay calling for an ambulance, but also misjudged victim Wang’s condition that he was just feeling uncomfortable due to low blood sugar. Not to mention they missed the precious rescue moment and asked him to change his posture constantly, which only made the condition worse. Even worse, the unstoppable CPR first aid was interrupted for over two and a half minutes, and the counter staff even lied to the emergency medical technician that he had only been unwell for five minutes before collapsing. All these flaws led to the death of the perished. However, it’s already been one year and three months after the tragedy, the Le Méridien Taipei hotel didn’t even express their concern, which disappointed and irritated the victim’s family. Thus, we insist that the Le Méridien Taipei hotel apologize publicly!

2. Incident review report
As mentioned earlier, the staff of the Le Méridien Taipei hotel had made mistakes over and over again. As an international five-star hotel, this kind of crisis management is completely a failure. To avoid a similar tragedy, it is necessary for the Le Méridien Taipei hotel to make a comprehensive review report. To prevent the hotel from making the same mistake again, we require measures below to be taken, including inspecting the deficiencies in the entire process, improving the hotel’s relevant measures, strengthening staff crisis management training, and ensuring the lives of hotel guests.

3. Allowing family members to conjure publicly
The victim Wang Ching-chieh appeared to his family in a dream a few days ago. Claiming that because he had died at the Le Méridien Taipei hotel unjustly, the soul was still trapped in the swimming pool, not being able to rest in peace, and still soaking in the pool water every day. The fact that knowing Wang is suffering from coldness made the family be in unbearable pain. We ask the Le Méridien Taipei hotel to allow our family members to perform a public soul summoning ritual during the time of Wang Ching-chieh’s call for help and death (19:00-21:00) so that he can rest in peace as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Victim family Wang Qiu-lang,Wu Jin-hua, Wang Chih-ya

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