A Passion for Body Building

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Let's head now to a breakfast shop in Zhubei. Some customers go there for the food, but others are more keen on the chef. The shop owner, Liu Kuan-chung is a champion bodybuilder. His career in the kitchen is the perfect complement to life spent in the gym.

Flipping eggs with a spatula, in no time Liu has an omelette ready.

Fragrant rice and a crispy fried dough stick go with pickled veg to create a rice ball. Try not to gobble it down too fast.

Every customer leaves the shop with a delicious breakfast treat or three. But the star of the experience is the shop owner himself, whose solid shoulders and bulging triceps hint at his life passion: body building.

You can see those arms of steel at work lifting dumbbells.

This superhuman physique was a dream since childhood.
Liu Kuan-chung, Breakfast shop owner and bodybuilder

In elementary school, there was a manga called “Fist of the North Star.” Later there was the movie, “Terminator: Dark Fate.” Watching them I felt quite a longing. I wanted to try and become like that myself, and then gradually I got into it.

But why would a serious bodybuilder get into the breakfast shop business?

Liu Kuan-chung, Breakfast shop owner and bodybuilder
About 11 years ago, I opened this shop. The reason was firstly that it allows me to control my own time, so it’s easier to plan my workout schedule.

No customer can fail to spot the shelves adorned with Liu’s body building trophies and medals. Liu says his family’s wholehearted support has been his biggest refuge.

Liu Kuan-chung, Breakfast shop owner and bodybuilder
My family really support my body building. Back in my first competition, my parents took me to compete. They wanted their son to develop his own interests, so they let me choose what to develop for myself.

That first contest was back in Liu’s high school days. In 2020, Liu won double champion’s honors at the IFBB ELITE PRO contest.

Whether working out in the gym, working hard in the kitchen, or enjoying the warmth of family life, Liu makes the most of all the opportunities life has to offer.


健美先生經營早餐店 斜槓人生跨界成功







[[健美選手/早餐業者 劉冠忠]]


[[健美選手/早餐業者 劉冠忠]]


[[健美選手/早餐業者 劉冠忠]]



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