【專文】Taiwan is Taiwan as the Future Legitimate Name and Constitution of Taiwan

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We, overseas Taiwanese around the world, send our best wishes to you. We also would like to express our opinions and make statements about the rectification of our beloved motherland, Taiwan.
The Taiwan central government has been governed by the DPP party since 2016. In 2020, a record 8,170,000 voters re-elected the President – Madame Tsai Eng-Wen. Meanwhile, DPP has dominated the Legislative Yuan with the additional allies from different political parties of similar ideologies to control more than half of the Congressional seats. To us, this represents the "national normalization" which has been pursued and strived toward by the Democratic-Progressive party. Such normalization marks the start toward the actualization of the "authentic Taiwan’s national name and constitution".
At present, the "Chinese virus" ("Wu-han virus") has poisoned the world and led to an "anti-China" sentiment around the world. In contrast, Taiwan has developed a stronger national identity as TAIWANESE. With the emphasis on "a healthy lifestyle", Taiwan has become part of the world. With such an opportune time, President Tsai and the DPP party would be advised to seize upon such a historically important moment and act and endeavor for the well-being of the generations of Taiwanese people and for the "health and safety" for the world. Taiwan would especially be advised to break the falsehood and conspiracy of Chinese in its claiming of Taiwan as part of China. Taiwan must also depart from its dependency on China. Instead, it would benefit from strengthened cooperation in economics and production with the U.S., Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and the European Union. In that cooperation, Taiwan would benefit from developing an economic "internationalization". It would gain from joining the US-led new Indo-Pacific Strategic. These undertakings would reduce economic dependence on China and help to stop the Chinese military force from attacking or taking over other territories. In particular, we hope Taiwan would actively promote "normalizing of Taiwan as a nation" and formalize a new constitution.
Taiwan has effectively managed the pandemic. In view of this development, now and the following few years present the best opportunity for fulfilling Taiwan’s goals and true value. To Communities and Organizations, Political Leaders, Members of the Legislative, and Patriotic Fellow Citizens in Taiwan, we humbly present the following crucial national issues for your consideration.
Firstly, it is our view that the name of "the Republic of China" (ROC) does not represent the shared recognition and wish of Taiwanese. At best, the name may be the opinion of a small minority who, still at their early stage of political awakening, are pro-China. Fixation at that stage can only lead Taiwan into a dangerous path.
Secondly, we advocate and believe in a "formalized constitution with Taiwan as Taiwan". This is the only and the common desire of people in Taiwan. We elaborate on these two issues in the following:
1.The formal or authentic name of Taiwan: Globally, all the countries such as the U.S., Japan, and the European Union and others have referred to Taiwan as "Taiwan". Why is it that only in Taiwan where there are so many strange names for Taiwan? "The Republic of China" is not the only name used for Taiwan. There are other names being used in Taiwan for Taiwan: the so-called "Chinese Taipei", "Taipei Economic & Cultural Office" (TECO), even the name of Tai-Peng-Ching-Ma Economic-Trade Body". There are even the references of "my country” or "other country". Why is it so difficult to simply and directly use its indigenous name - which is the word of "Taiwan"? When we are even confused about our own name ourselves, which is Taiwan, how can we expect the international community to help clarify our name and to advocate for Taiwan? Therefore, we advocate and maintain that "Taiwan" be the legitimate and formal name and title of Taiwan.
1. 正名:在世界上所有的國家如美、日、歐盟等都以「TAIWAN」之名稱呼「台灣」,唯獨在台灣,怪𥚃怪氣的名字一大堆:不只是叫「中華民國」?也叫「中華台北」?也叫「台北文化經濟辦事處,簡稱TECO」,也叫「台澎金馬經貿實體」?甚至也叫「我國」或「他國」?直接叫出自己母親乀名叫「台灣」有這麼難嗎?連自己叫什麼名字都搞不清楚,那麼在國際上,有誰會幫你澄清?因此,我們主張以台灣做為國家法定的正式名稱。
2. Constitution: "The Constitution of the Republic of China" continues to include the territory of "the People’s Republic of China" and the "Outer Mongolia". The abnormality has been created by "the Constitution of the Republic of China" through the controversy, absurdity, and contradictions it has engendered. If we do not establish a normal image and authentic protocol that truly embodies the real and Taiwanese "New Constitution", Taiwan would never become a "normal and legitimate nation". Thus, the "Constitution of the Republic of China" poses the greatest obstacles and risks to the survival and growth of Taiwan!
At present, the Chinese communist party’s (CCP) lies and deceits have been uncovered and exposed by the international communities. The international condemnation has placed China in an embarrassing and sad state of helpless self-defense. It is true that the future of Taiwan is to be determined by the collective wisdom of Taiwanese regardless of the external forces. However, the dramatic changes happening in the world have presented a tremendous opportunity for Taiwan, especially with the good deeds it has exhibited and contributions it has made to the international community throughout the pandemic. This is the best time for Taiwan to complete a new constitution through the collective endeavor and support of Taiwanese people.
Let our "authentic name and judicious constitution" guide and establish the "New Taiwan". Taiwan is our land where people together live peacefully and safely and where people grow and advance. It is the place where mutual respect and trust abound and where multi-racial groups integrate harmoniously to create a "new Taiwanese culture". Let all the "Taiwanese", be they generational residents and new arrivals, work together and steer the boat to create and realize in our heart a Taiwanese dream – a beautiful land which forever abounds in democracy, fair justice, independence and self-reliance, respectfulness, and personal well-being and happiness. The Taiwanese would also move towards the international community which would afford Taiwanese respect, safety, and a sound footing in the democratic and civilized world.
We, therefore, respectfully encourage and urge you to support and promote a "formalized Taiwan name and a revised Taiwan constitution based on the idea of Taiwan for Taiwan". We encourage you to start the movement immediately. We ask you to encourage your legislative members, mayors, all organizations to join you and to help with the preparation and legal procedures for fulfilling the Taiwanese "New Constitution". Through the constitution, we can develop and establish a true country matched in name and constitution of a country of which we would all be proud.
If you support this movement, please feel free to communicate through Taiwan Legislative and Relative Organizations’ mailbox and Facebook. We would appreciate it if you would circulate this announcement to other Taiwanese residents. It’s time for action. With everyone’s support and actions, we would succeed with an authentic and legitimate Taiwan name and constitution.
Overseas Taiwanese around the World
旅居世界各地台灣同鄉 敬啟
Dr. Lily Dyson, Former President of North America Taiwanese Professors Association (NATPA), Canada
John Chou, Former President of Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle, USA
Dr. Hsinjin Yang, Former FAPA Standing Committee and IL Chapter President, Fellow - Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), USA
Douglas Chiang, Former President of Taiwanese Canadian Association, Canada
Dr. Ching-Chong Huang, President of FAPA/IL Chapter, USA
Dr. KF Lin, Founder, LinkU Investments, USA
Dr. Lawrence Kao, Optometrist Sydney of Australia
Dr. Shoei Oh, President of The Taiwanese Association in Japan
Rocky W Liao, Political Commentator, USA
Adam Hwang, President, Atlanta Taiwanese Association of America (ATAA)
Dr. D G Go, MIT Ph.D. Physics. Dean and Professor of the University of Sydney. Australia
Hsi Huei (Paul) Hsiao, Member of Advisory Committee, DPP East American Chapter, USA
Yuan Shen Tsou, Member of Executive Committee of DPP Canada Chapter, Canada
Dr. Shing Kuo Shih, Former President of Taiwanese Canadian Association, Canada
Chun Zu Liao, Founded President NATWA Vancouver Chapter, Canada
Jennifer Chiang, Founder of Yorba Linda dental center, Immediate Dental Implants and NPP regional coordinator USA
Edward Chung, President of FAPA Canada
Chih-Hsin Tai, Former President, Taiwanese American Association of Los-Angeles-East San Gabriel Valley, USA
Susan Wu, Real estate agent, Canada
Kun San Wu, Retired, Canada
Y-S Columbus Leo; a former political prisoner in Taiwan; former VP, World Federation of
Taiwanese Associations, Canada
Hsin-Ting Chang, Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Canada
Peggy Yen, Retired, Canada
Dr. Frank Chen, Retired Professor, Canada
Lucy Lu, Artist and Member of Executive Committee of DDP Canada Chapter, Canada
Daniel F. Liao, Former President of Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto, Canada
Andrew Chang, Retired, Canada
Chen Sen-Wen, Friends of Taiwan Association Japan
James Jii Shieh, President of Taiwanese Association of America Greater Philadelphia, USA
Max C. Chiang, Lawyer, USA
James Lin, Former President of the Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle, USA
Bob Sheen, President of FAPA Washington Chapter, USA
Hsiu Chin Boyer, Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America Committee, USA
Clara Liu Chen, former President of Seattle Taiwan Center, USA
Jack Shiau, Retired Boeing Engineer, USA
Li-Wen-Kuo, President of Vancouver Taiwanese Heritage Society, Canada
Dr. Samson Cho, Priest & Former Vice President of the Calgary Taiwanese Canadian Association, Canada
Clay Lin, Former President of the Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle, USA
Mike Kwan, President of Taiwan Hakka Association For Public Affairs In North America, USA
Andrew Cheng, Business owner, Canada
Susan Liaw, Retired Teacher, USA
James Lee, Former President of World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA), USA
Shu Min Chen, Founder of Canadian Taiwanese Women’s Association, Canada
James Wu, Retired, Canada
Chu-Hsiang Huang, Engineer, USA
Dr. Harry Hsiao, Retired professor, University of Victoria; Visiting Professor (retired), Kaohsiung Medical University; Visiting Professor (retired), Changjung Christian University, Canada
Hon Hong, Former President, Taiwanese Canadian Association, Canada
Randy Fang, Former President of Greater Detroit Taiwanese Association, USA
Rae Yoshi, Chairman of Vancouver Taiwan Holding, Canada
Po Chun Wu, Montreal , Canada
Dr. JC Fann, President of NTNU Alumni Association in USA and Hakka Association of NY, USA
Wunder Liu, Former President, Taiwanese American Association at Rochester, NY, USA
Yiing Ming Lay, Ph.D. Retiree, was Manager/Principal Scientist (Bristol Myers Squibb/Merck (legacy Schering-plough) and Sr. Manager (Block Drug). USA
Stanley and Agnes Hsiao, Lawyer, California, USA
Dr. Jim Wang, Chairman of 2019 Taiwanese American Conference - West Coast, USA
Dr. Ed Huang, 2020 TAC-WC Board of Director, USA
Dr. Daniel Ko, 2019 TAC-WC Advisor to the Board, USA
Tona Hwang, Former President of the Seattle Taiwanese Women’s Club, USA
Frank Hsu, President of Taiwanese Hakka Association of Northern California, USA
Dr. Nobuyoshi Sono, Retired Physician, Canada
Dr. Biri Sono, Retired Physician, Canada
Dr. Reiri Sono, Physician, USA
Yoshiaki Sono, Engineer, USA
Mei Li Wang, Pipe Organ Player, USA
David Hsu, Retired Engineer, USA
Anny Hsu, Homemaker, USA
Sheng Chuan Chen, Retired Sculptor, USA
Flora Chen, Clinical Dietitian, USA
Joyce Chen, Architect, Texas, USA
Jonathan Chen, Civil Engineer, Texas, USA
Sue Chien, Former President of Taiwanese Hakka Association of Toronto, Canada
T. Ayien Lee. Retired. Ontario, Canada
Dr. Charles W. Tu, retired professor, USA
Dr. Mingchi Wu, Chairman of WUFI-USA HQ
Dr. Shyu-Tu Lee, Former President of North American Taiwanese Professors’ Association, USA
Mei Hui Kuo, DPP member, Seattle, USA