老外看台灣/英國男曝定居台灣五大缺點 網友一看大讚:超有道理


An increasing number of foreigners have moved to Taiwan in recent years. It is now common to see videos made by these foreign YouTubers listing down the benefits of living here.


However, unlike most, a British YouTuber Ta-feng(大豐) recently released a video pointing out at five disadvantages of living in Taiwan, including low wages, overpriced real estate, air pollution, traffic issues, and high travel cost.


This surprised many of Ta-feng’s fans as he has been known for loving his life in Taiwan.


The YouTuber, who is married to a Taiwanese woman, has been living in Taiwan for 5 years. During his time here, he has made many videos introducing the local culture, food, and his trips around the country.


“I love Taiwan very much, and this is exactly the reason why I made this video. I want a better, improved future for this island,” he said.

“This video gives us the opportunity to rationally discuss the issues we’re facing,” he explained, winning the hearts of many local viewers.


As he pointed out, the first disadvantage is the low wages compared to the high costs of living.

A salary of NT$50,000 to NT$60,000 is considered a well-paid job, yet this still leaves a long way to go if one wants to buy a car or a house, and may further result in brain drain and decreasing national competitiveness.


The second disadvantage is overpriced real estate. “The cost is unbelievable!” Ta-feng remarked.


If a new graduate seeks to make a real estate purchase in Taipei, even an old apartment would cost him or her to work for 40 years without any expenses. The same amount of money could earn them a house with a yard in other countries.


The third problem is the air pollution, particularly in the southern areas due to its geographical conditions and the industrial cluster of heavy industries.

大豐認為: 「可以吸到乾淨的空氣是最基本的居住條件。」

“Being able to breathe fresh air is the minimum standard of living,” Ta-feng remarked.


He also explained that some Taiwanese are still littering. “If we want a clean environment, everyone has to be responsible for it,” he added.


The fourth problem is the messy traffic. Many local drivers or motorbike riders do not follow the rules on the road and park randomly.


Ta-feng shared his personal experience, saying that the traffic often freaked him out when he was living in Kaohsiung.


The last is the geographical location of Taiwan, which is something unchangeable. This has troubled many foreigners as they have to spend quite a lot of money on plane tickets to travel back and forth.


“I think this is pretty debatable though,” he added, saying that the location of the island also offers people protection from external forces.


Once the video was published, many local social media users praised his honesty as they commented: “This makes so much sense. Only those who truly love Taiwan would say this.”

Another fan also commented: “I agree with Ta-feng 100%, and I admire him for his courage to speak of this, unlike some of the YouTubers who only speak of the goods and put off criticism, worrying that it might affect the views of their videos.”

Ta-feng’s Youtube Channel 大豐大哥大: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYMS5s_FAW_j8JRsUy2ewOA

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