Bringing Endless Imagination to Life - Realtek’s 5th IoT Solution Ameba E Series Takes Lead in Redefining Smart, Connectivity, and Interaction for Smart Homes

In the new era of IoT, consumer electronics and home appliances must not only be connected but also easily communicable. Consumers are looking forward to using voice commands to control various devices in their homes easily and without hassle. Having foreseen the advent of the Smart Home era, Realtek launched its 5th-Gen Ameba E Series, which not only allows smart home devices to interact and to think, but also to become multi-functional devices.

When it comes to the current state of development of IoT, washing machines, robot vacuums, and dishwashers at home are connected to the Internet, owners can schedule remotely to start operating before they get home; once they are back, only one last step, such as hanging clothes or putting dishes to the cupboard, is left for the owners to complete, significantly enhancing people’s quality of life.

IoT Solution Ameba E Series Not Only Offers Smart and Fast Computing, It’s Also Secure

What new trends are expected in the future of IoT? From Realtek’s point of view, new IoT solutions not only need to support the new generation of protocols and IoT standards and norms, but also need edge computing capabilities and excellent data security.

The new 5th-Gen Ameba E Series has redefined how users interact with smart home products. It will significantly upgrade current smart home system powered by latest technologies, including smart voice, dual-core processor, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, and Matter, along with dual-mode Bluetooth and latest Auracast audio broadcast technology.

Smart voice has long been a part of people’s lives. Users can simply give voice commands to control and to interact with smart home appliances, such as checking today’s weather, playing music, turning lights on or off, or activating home security mode, all making the lives of consumers easier and more convenient.

With low latency, low-power consumption, and multi-room technology, the Ameba E Series also excels in wireless home theater applications. Through Wi-Fi transmission, it frees the speakers from wired cables and delivers high-quality synchronized audio/ video experience.

Ameba E Series Supports Matter; Goes Beyond Platform Restrictions

In the past, it was difficult for smart home appliances to interoperate with each other if they were not of the same brand, and homeowners had to spend a large amount of money to build a dedicated system. But if there were a common worldwide standard, consumers would be able to enjoy a convenient smart lifestyle without the large price tag.

That is why Amazon, Apple, Google, and ZigBee Alliance have jointly developed Matter, an open-source smart home platform standard, which not only simplifies development costs for device manufacturers, but also enhances product compatibility. Ameba E Series supports latest Wi-Fi 6 and Matter, it provides broader coverage area, less interference, efficient transmission, and also allows cross-platform connectivity, meeting mainstream requirements for future smart home system development. As a result, these features make both development and maintenance easier, and provide highly secured encryption methods. In a continuously evolving era of smart home, we are committed to further expand our R&D resources to explore more applications that may benefit both developers and consumers, and keep redefining “smart” in your home.