Chinese Premier begins diplomatic tour in New Zealand

Chinese Premier begins diplomatic tour in New Zealand (Shutterstock)
Chinese Premier begins diplomatic tour in New Zealand (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Chinese Premier Li Qiang (李強) embarked on a significant diplomatic tour, arriving in Wellington, New Zealand, on Thursday (June 13) as part of his official visits to New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia, with his trip to Australia drawing particular attention.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Li's journey, which started from Beijing on Wednesday afternoon and will continue until June 20, aims to strengthen ties with these nations.

Chen Hong (陳弘), director of the Australian Studies Center at East China Normal University (華東師範大學), highlighted the significance of Li's visit in the context of New Zealand's new government.

He views it as a crucial step in consolidating and enhancing bilateral relations. Chen further noted that the visit to Australia is a testament to the warming relations between China and Australia following Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's trip to China last year.

This visit signifies the full restoration of the two countries' annual prime ministerial talks mechanism.

Chen emphasized the importance of the Australia-China CEO Roundtable meeting, which both prime ministers will attend, reflecting both nations' high priority on economic and trade exchanges.

He stressed that maintaining the stability and development of China-Australia relations is essential, with avoiding misjudgments and increasing mutual trust being key topics of discussion.

Additionally, Chen pointed out that cooperation between China and Malaysia showcases the maximization of mutual interests, serving as a successful model for other countries, including the Philippines.

Premier Li's visit underscores the importance of seeking common ground while respecting differences among Asia-Pacific nations amid turbulent times. This approach aims to promote peace and development in the region, marking a pivotal moment in China's diplomatic efforts.

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