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今天我們要學的詞是 exonerate. Exonerate is spelled e-x-o-n-e-r-a-t-e, exonerate.

Exonerate 是開脫、平反的意思。 Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report did not conclude that President Trump committed a crime on the obstruction of justice allegation, it also does not exonerate him. 特別檢察官穆勒的報告沒有就特朗普總統被控妨礙司法的罪名是否成立得出結論,但也沒有為總統正名。

A human rights group accused the Nigerian government of appearing to exonerate senior officers in its prosecution of thousands of Boko Haram suspects . 一個人權組織指責尼日利亞政府似乎為了免除其高級官員的刑事責任而處置數千名博科聖地武裝嫌疑人。

好的,我們今天學習的詞是 exonerate, exonerate, exonerate .......以上新聞美語即時通由美國之音和中廣新聞網聯合製播,謝謝收聽。