Funeral Parlor in Taipei to become parking, green space

Taipei to transform funeral parlor site into parking (TVBS News)
Taipei to transform funeral parlor site into parking (TVBS News)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安) announced plans on Wednesday, June 12, to transform Taipei First Funeral Parlor (台北市立第一殯儀館) into a temporary parking lot and green space. The funeral parlor is set to undergo demolition starting Thursday, marking the end of a decades-long debate over its fate.

Mayor Chiang stated that the area would be repurposed as a parking and green space in the short term. However, the long-term plan involves a comprehensive evaluation based on community feedback and local needs.

When pressed by the media about potential future developments, Chiang acknowledged that various proposals are under consideration, especially in light of Taipei's aging population and the need for long-term care facilities.

These proposals include transforming the area into a long-term care medical district, a mix of commercial and residential buildings, social housing, and a sports center. He assured that the city government would listen to the community's voice and aim for a development that benefits Taipei's long-term growth.

The demolition of the Taipei First Funeral Parlor turns a page in the city's history and opens up possibilities for addressing some of Taipei's most pressing urban challenges. As the city awaits the outcome of the comprehensive assessment, the transformation of this centrally located site promises to reflect its residents' evolving needs and aspirations.

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