impediment 障礙,阻礙

contender 競爭者、爭奪者


今天我們要學的詞是 impediment. Impediment is spelled i-m-p-e-d-i-m-e-n-t, impediment.

impediment 的意思是障礙,阻礙。 The World Health Organization says insecurity and community mistrust in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s conflict-ridden region are major impediments to international efforts to bring the Ebola outbreak under control. 世界衛生組織表示,剛果民主共和國衝突地區的安全不保和社區缺乏信任阻礙了國際社會為控制埃博拉疫情所做的努力。

Those who are critical of the U.S. Electoral College system usually argue that it is an impediment to pure principles of "one man, one vote." 對美國選舉人制度提出批評的人通常認為,這一制度是?對“一人一票”原則的障礙。

好的,我們今天學習的詞是 impediment, impediment, impediment .........以上新聞美語即時通由美國之音和中廣新聞網聯合製播,謝謝收聽。