Kaohsiung Metro adjusts AC times following online backlash

Kaohsiung Metro adjusts AC times following online backlash (TVBS News)
Kaohsiung Metro adjusts AC times following online backlash (TVBS News)

KAOHSIUNG (TVBS News) — In response to online complaints about the stifling heat on its platforms, Kaohsiung Metro (高雄捷運公司) announced on Wednesday that it would activate its air conditioning an hour earlier, starting tomorrow.

The move comes after a critical post by "Kaohsiung Tien" (臉書粉專「高雄點」) on Facebook, which highlighted the lack of air conditioning despite external temperatures reaching 33 degrees Celsius. The post quickly became a hot topic, garnering over 2,300 comments.

In the discussion thread, social media users expressed frustration with the oppressive heat and the minimum six-minute wait times. Some also mentioned discomfort during less busy hours. Conversely, several commenters noted that the government's energy-saving policies might be a reason to limit air conditioning, considering the potential financial strain on the metro system.

Nevertheless, Kaohsiung Metro reiterated that its trains are well-air-conditioned and that passengers typically do not endure long waits due to the frequent train service.

The company also stated that major stations like R10 Formosa Boulevard, R11 Kaohsiung Main Station, and R16 Zuoying have air conditioning running throughout the day in alignment with environmental guidelines. However, air conditioning at less frequented stations is limited to conserve energy during off-peak times.

Starting tomorrow, air conditioning at underground stations will begin at around 3:30 p.m., one hour before the peak traffic period. The company confirmed that it would adjust the timing based on real-time temperature and crowd assessments during other off-peak periods.

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