MOA: No scientific basis for animal communicators

MOA: No scientific basis for animal communicators (Shutterstock)
MOA: No scientific basis for animal communicators (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Minister of Agriculture Chen Junne-jih announced on Thursday (June 13) that the agriculture ministry does not recognize animal communicators as a legitimate profession due to a lack of scientific basis.

This statement came amid discussions on the regulation of the profession, highlighting the ministry's plan to issue guidelines and manage practitioners in the field.

The issue of "pet communicators" came under scrutiny during a session of the Legislative Yuan's Economics Committee, where Kuomintang (KMT) Legislator Cheng Cheng-chien raised concerns about the trend of pets outnumbering newborns since 2018.

Chen reiterated the ministry's stance, emphasizing the absence of scientific evidence supporting pet communication.

This skepticism is shared by many, including Cheng, who pointed out that numerous pet communicators claim to have professional certifications to gain consumer trust, indicating a misunderstanding and expectation in the market regarding this occupation.

With over 2.79 million cats and dogs in Taiwan, as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in 2023, the pet market is thriving.

In response to this growth and the controversies surrounding pet communicators, Chen added that the ministry plans to develop specific guidelines and engage with businesses within the pet industry to regulate this emerging sector.

This initiative aims to clarify the ministry's position and ensure the welfare of pets and their owners by addressing the misconceptions surrounding pet communicators.