Policy Address 2023: Hong Kong steps up talent attraction efforts

Policy Address 2023: Hong Kong steps up talent attraction efforts

Hong Kong has launched a series of new policies to fetch top-notch talents, Chief executive John Lee announced in his latest policy address on Wednesday.

The fresh measures include establishing the physical office of the Hong Kong Talent Engage, the expansion of the Top Talent Pass Scheme, relaxation of Laotian and Nepalese entries, as well as setting up an international legal talents training academy.

In response to the global talent race, Hong Kong will expand the Top Talent Pass Scheme – a visa fast-track programme to lure the world’s top talents – by adding eight top institutions from mainland China and overseas to the list of eligible universities, making a total of 184.

The Policy Address also unveiled plans to immediately open the visa policies for Vietnamese talents to work in Hong Kong. Laotian and Nepalese talents are also welcome to work or train in Hong Kong, or study in UGC-funded institutions.

Lee also aims at fetching more legal experts by launching the Hong Kong International Legal Talents Training Academy. A dedicated office and expert committee will be set up within the next year to facilitate the academy, which is expected to promote exchanges among those from countries of the Belt and Road initiatives.

In a bid to attract investors, the “Capital Investment Entrant Scheme” will allow eligible investors with HK$30 million (USD 3.83 million) or more assets in Hong Kong, in stocks, funds, bonds or other types of investment except real estate, to apply for immigration to Hong Kong.

With his eyes on non-local students, Lee said Hong Kong is set to double the intake of non-local students by public-funded tertiary institutions to 40%. By providing more scholarships and related support, Lee hopes to drive top students from abroad or mainland China to study in Hong Kong.

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