Show Luo’s letter hints at possible reconciliation with Grace Chow

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<p>Show Luo apologizes over the ‘affairs’ with 7000 words letter. (A screenshot from Weibo)</p>

Show Luo apologizes over the ‘affairs’ with 7000 words letter. (A screenshot from Weibo)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — Taiwanese singer Show Luo posted a 7000-word apology letter on Weibo on Wednesday in which he tried to express “his deep regrets” and send “his apologies” to Grace Chow, a Chinese influencer with whom he was in a relationship for 9 years.

Titled “Boy, Girl,” Luo’s letter reminisces about their relationship, starting from the first day they met, but fails to address his alleged “multi-player sports sessions” at the heart of Chow’s virulent Weibo post last month.

He described Chow as “someone who makes me nervous somehow” but also highlighted some of the details of their romance. “We have jointly experienced the joys and the pains of success, and we’ve grown together.”

He concluded with a quick apology, stressing that “this experience has made me braver to face things instead of running away. I want to tell you once again that I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

According to Chinese-language media, Luo’s post was purposely released on Wednesday, May 20, as the auspicious date sounds like “I love you” in Chinese.

This led some fans of the two entertainers to expect them to eventually reconcile as Luo used a picture of the former lovebirds taken at the Eiffel Tower to illustrate his post. Click here for the full text of his apology letter

“This time, I promise you that it’s my turn to share our story with everyone,” he wrote, hitting at a potential reply from his former partner.

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