stride進步 新聞美語即時通

今天我們要學的詞是 stride. Stride is spelled s-t-r-i-d-e, stride.

Stride 作為動詞是邁步的意思,但常常用作名詞,意思是進步。The U.S. has made impressive strides in the 5G global race thanks to the commitment of the Trump administration and smart policies that unlocked the power of free-market competition. 在特朗普政府的承諾以及放開自由市場競爭的明智政策下,美國在全球5G競爭中取得了令人矚目的進步。

While there have been great strides made in the gay rights movement over the past 50 years, many acknowledge there’s still much work to be done for the community. 儘管過去50年來,為同性戀者爭取權益的運動取得了很大進展,但許多人承認,對於同性戀社區仍有許多工作要做。

好的,我們今天學習的詞是 stride, stride, stride.............以上新聞美語即時通由美國之音和中廣新聞網聯合製播,謝謝收聽。