Taiwan to boost drug, bullying prevention in schools

Taiwan to boost drug, bullying prevention in schools (Shutterstock)
Taiwan to boost drug, bullying prevention in schools (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — The Ministry of Education delivered a report at the Legislative Yuan on Wednesday (June 12) addressing the pressing issues of drug prevention and school bullying. The report highlighted a concerning rise in student drug abuse cases and outlined measures for improvement.

The ministry's findings revealed that in 2023, the number of students involved in drug abuse climbed to 483, marking an increase of approximately 20% from the previous year.

This uptick has prompted the MOE to enhance the capabilities of educational personnel, reporting mechanisms, and counseling services, especially in light of the growing abuse of new types of drugs among youths and the continuous rise in marijuana confiscations.

To combat drug infiltration into schools effectively, the MOE has initiated a three-tier prevention strategy. This approach includes prevention advocacy, screening and inspections, and counseling efforts.

The MOE also plans to support schools in remote areas with subsidies and integrated resources. These efforts aim to organize diverse and adaptive educational activities for high-risk students or those lacking after-school care, thereby preventing deviant behaviors or drug misuse.

Regarding bullying prevention, the MOE has expanded its educational campaigns to raise awareness and has changed the anti-bullying hotline to 1953. This upgrade comes alongside strengthened mechanisms for handling cases and intervention counseling.

The ministry is also reviewing its current drug and bullying prevention strategies in coordination with the Executive Yuan, planning to refine and improve these measures for the new generation.

As the MOE takes these steps to address the dual challenges of drug abuse and bullying in schools, it underscores the government's commitment to creating safer and healthier environments for students. The ongoing efforts to enhance prevention and intervention strategies signal a proactive approach to safeguarding the well-being of Taiwan's youth.

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