Taiwan’s defense ministry to revamp military training

Taiwan’s defense ministry to revamp military training (TVBS News)
Taiwan’s defense ministry to revamp military training (TVBS News)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — In a significant move toward military reform, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Wu Pei-yi (吳沛憶) questioned Minister of National Defense Wellington Koo (顧立雄) on Tuesday (June 11) about proposed changes in military training, including the elimination of traditional bayonet techniques. Koo emphasized the shift towards more practical combat training, suggesting that outdated practices not aligned with real combat readiness could be phased out.

Military Training Overhaul

Koo's response highlighted a broader strategy to enhance the military's combat capabilities by focusing on realistic combat training. He mentioned that aspects of military training that are merely ceremonial or performative, such as traditional bayonet drills, are under review for potential discontinuation. This approach aims to ensure that training is directly beneficial for actual combat situations.

Innovative Reforms and Open Discussions

Wu praised Koo for introducing significant reforms within his first month in office, including allowing military personnel more freedom to travel abroad. Koo stressed the importance of pre-departure briefings to prevent infiltration and mandated reporting of any inappropriate contacts upon return. He concluded by reiterating the commitment to eliminating training elements that do not meet the requirements of practical combat effectiveness or joint operational capabilities, underscoring the focus on improving soldiers' combat skills.