Taiwan’s IDF fighter jet catches fire during Taichung drills

TAICHUNG (TVBS News) — An IDF Ching-Kuo fighter jet suffered an engine malfunction during the Taiwan military's aerial demonstration at the Ching Chuan Kang Air Base on Thursday (Aug. 10) after a hiatus of four years.

The jet, with the serial number 1427, was performing a low-altitude roll when flames and sparks erupted from its tail, prompting swift action from the pilot.

The distinctively unusual sound caught the attention of onlookers as the aircraft continued to execute a maneuver in the sky.

Displaying quick decision-making skills, the pilot promptly abandoned the remaining performance routine and skillfully guided the plane back to the runway, ensuring a safe landing for the aircraft and himself.

Initial assessments by Air Force authorities point toward an abnormality in the engine system as the incident's root cause.

Military expert Shih Hsiao-wei speculated that the flames might have originated from hydraulic or related fuel leakage between the two tailpipes, causing the tail's exhaust to combust more easily.

No injuries were reported as the fire-spewing aircraft touched down, and emergency responders and firefighting units were swift in containing the situation.

The scheduled 20-minute aerial demonstration was abruptly canceled following the occurrence.

This event follows closely after another incident on August 8, when the same IDF Ching-Kuo fighter encountered trouble as its canopy failed to open during a rehearsal. The pilot was stranded for half an hour before the issue was resolved.

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