vital至關重要的 新聞美語即時通

今天我們要學的詞是 vital. vital is spelled v-i-t-a-l, vital.

vital 的意思是至關重要的。U.S. President Donald Trump said he believes America must be fully equipped to defend its vital interests as he signed a directive to create a new US Space Force. 美國總統川普在簽署一項成立美國太空部隊的指令時表示,他認為美國必須有充分的手段來捍衛其重要利益。

For hundreds of years, women have played a vital role in African peace and security as they sacrificed in liberation struggles and offered unique skills in peacekeeping operations. 幾百年來,婦女在非洲和平與安全事務中發揮了至關重要的作用,她們在解放鬥爭中做出犧牲,併為維和行動提供獨特技能。

好的,我們今天學習的詞是 vital, vital, vital ....以上新聞美語即時通由美國之音和中廣新聞網聯合製播,謝謝收聽。