The extension of the level 3 epidemic warning, the launch of a new vaccination registration system, the arrival of another 626,000 doses of the AZ vaccine, the arrival of free PCR tests at seven Taipei hospitals, and a usually vocal mayor suddenly stuck without a microphone in a middle of a verbal argument,

Here is our top five this week.

三級警戒延長至7/26 微解封指引一次看 | Level 3 epidemic warning extended until July 26


The Central Epidemic Command Center announced on Thursday the extension of the level 3 epidemic warning until July 26 with selected industries enjoying partial re-opening after July 12.


疫苗預約平台上線!《NOWnews》實測完整流程 | Taiwan launches official vaccine registration platform


Health authorities on Thursday officially launched a new registration system aimed at boosting Taiwan’s vaccination drive.


自購62.6萬劑AZ疫苗傍晚抵台 蘇貞昌:儘快讓更多人施打 | New batch of 626,000 AZ vaccines arrives in Taiwan


More than 600,000 doses of the AZ vaccine arrived on Wednesday onboard a China Airlines cargo aircraft that departed from Bangkok.


北市7家醫院免費PCR!民眾一早排隊「流程有點亂」| Messy but free PCR tests at Taipei hospitals draw backlash


Some Taiwanese on Wednesday complained about the registration procedure for free PCR tests which they called slightly “unorganized.”


環南市場遭林昶佐嗆聲 柯文哲自爆:當天我被設局了| Mayor Ko unhappy about Huanan Market imbroglio with Freddy Lim


Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je expressed his displeasure on Wednesday at a verbal argument with Legislator Freddy Lim (林昶佐) during a visit at the Huanan Market.


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