AIT director Sandra Oudkirk bids farewell to Tainan

AIT director Sandra Oudkirk bids farewell to Tainan (TVBS News)
AIT director Sandra Oudkirk bids farewell to Tainan (TVBS News)

TAINAN (TVBS News) — Sandra Oudkirk (孫曉雅), the director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), along with Kaohsiung Branch Chief Neil Gibson (張子霖) and three other officials, bid farewell to Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che (黃偉哲) as Oudkirk's tenure comes to an end this summer.

The departure marks a significant moment in the ongoing relationship between Taiwan and the United States, highlighting the strong ties fostered during Oudkirk's three-year term.

In a gesture of gratitude for Oudkirk's contributions to Taiwan-U.S. relations, Mayor Huang presented her with a floral painting made from Tainan's city flower, the Phalaenopsis orchid. This gift symbolizes the enduring friendship and mutual respect between Tainan and the United States.

Mayor Huang praised the unwavering Taiwan-U.S. relationship despite the changing international and regional political landscape over the past three years. He expressed his hope for Oudkirk's future success and wished she would cherish her memories of Tainan, especially its sweet fruits, as her best recollection of the city.

Oudkirk thanked Mayor Huang for his support of AIT and expressed her anticipation for continued cooperation between the United States and Taiwan across various sectors. She emphasized the importance of deepening the friendship between the peoples of the two regions.