Taiwan criticizes China for delaying soldier’s probe

Taiwan criticizes China for delaying soldier’s probe (TVBS News)
Taiwan criticizes China for delaying soldier’s probe (TVBS News)

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會) on Sunday (June 23) voiced frustration over China's delayed probe into the detention of a Taiwanese soldier, surnamed Hu. The MAC accused the Chinese Communist Party (中共) of hampering the investigation by refusing to cooperate with judicial procedures.

On March 17, Hu, 25, and Wu, 40, from Jinsha Town, Kinmen County (金門縣金沙鎮), were fishing in foggy conditions and strayed into Weitou waters near Quanzhou, China. While the Chinese Coast Guard allowed Wu to return on March 23, Hu remains detained due to his military status.

Hu's family has urged the Taiwanese government to hasten his release, with Hu's mother recently visiting him and appealing to President Lai Ching-te (賴清德) to prioritize his case.The MAC reiterated that a judicial investigation is needed to fully understand the situation, but progress is stymied by the Chinese Communist Party's lack of cooperation.

The council also announced plans to offer consolation money to Hu's family in China and strongly protested the prolonged detention by the Chinese Coast Guard, calling for Hu's immediate and unconditional release.

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