Tainan offers NT$1,000 rewards for dengue fever self-reports

Tainan offers NT$1,000 rewards for dengue fever self-reports (Shutterstock)
Tainan offers NT$1,000 rewards for dengue fever self-reports (Shutterstock)

TAINAN (TVBS News) — In the wake of a new wave of local dengue fever cases in Kaohsiung City this summer, Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che (黃偉哲) announced on Tuesday (June 18) that Tainan residents and foreign workers employed in the city will receive a reward voucher of NT$1,000 for self-reporting confirmed cases of dengue fever.

Dengue Fever Incentives

Huang emphasized that the reward is a tool for epidemic prevention, not the primary goal. He noted that Tainan has already seen nine imported cases."The epidemic is at our doorstep!" warned Huang. He pointed out that many areas have accumulated water after recent heavy rain, creating optimal conditions for mosquito breeding. This week, therefore, will be Tainan's intensive breeding source elimination week.

The Public Health Bureau of the Tainan City Government explained that dengue fever incubates for approximately 3 to 14 days. If transmission is not blocked promptly, it will lead to a local epidemic. This year, the bureau has deployed early measures, including implementing a fixed-point doctor monitoring plan and encouraging citizens and foreign workers to self-report.

Reporting Rewards

After confirmation by an approved laboratory, the PublicHealth Bureau will reward the confirmed case with a voucher of NT$1,000. If a foreign worker self-reports with the assistance of an employer or an intermediary company, the employer and the intermediary company will each receive a reward voucher of NT$500 per case.

The Public Health Bureau is calling on medical institutions to strengthen rapid screening and reporting, offering a reward of NT$100 to NT$300 for doctor's reports, with an extra NT$2,000 for the first 200 confirmed cases.

The Tainan City Government Dengue Prevention and Control Center reminds the public to clear and invert water containers at home before traveling abroad. During travel, attention should be paid to mosquito prevention measures.

If symptoms such as fever, limb soreness, headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle pain, or joint pain occur after returning to the country, one should seek medical attention promptly, implement mosquito prevention measures, and actively inform the doctor of recent travel history.

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